My latest book, The PC and Gadgets Help Desk, is my most ambitious troubleshooting book yet. It shows youCover for Mark Edward Soper's The PC and Gadget Help Desk how to:
  • Back up your Windows computers and devices (tablets, all-in-ones, laptops and desktops)
  • Back up your Android and iOS smartphones and tablets
  • Connect your mobile devices and Windows devices to HDTVs and home theater systems
  • Stop attacks on your devices
  • Recover lost data...
...and much more. Check it out at, Barnes and, or directly from the publisher.
My latest book, Easy Windows 8.1, is now available in print and various e-book versions. It offers full-color visual step-by-step instructions for Windows 8.1's new and improved features (travel, search, digital photo shooting and editing, and more) along with instructions designed for both touchscreen and mouse/keyboard users. Grab a free sample chapter at the Que Publishing website, where you can also buy a print copy or watermarked PDF , ePUB, or MOBI versions. Print and Kindle versions are also available at (and is offering a sweet $5.00 coupon off the print version right now!). Print and Nook versions are available at Barnes & Noble. Cover of Easy Windows 8.1 by Mark Edward Soper
[caption id="attachment_163" align="alignright" width="236"]Easy Windows 8 By Mark Edward Soper with Sherry Gunter[/caption] How are readers enjoying Easy Windows 8? Take a look: From Bob and Joy Schwabach ON COMPUTERS (Worcester [MA] Telegram]:
“Easy Windows 8,” by Mark Edward Soper, $25, is by far the best and easiest of the Windows 8 books we’ve seen. It’s from and has screen shots on every page to help step you though. reader reviews:
 ...Anyone that has Windows 8 on their computer should have a copy of this book. (5-Star review from Sharon Geimer) Would not know what to do with my new computer without this book... (5-start review from Shirley Spencer)
Barnes & Noble reader reviews:
... I highly recommend this book for those that are beginners to computers and Windows 8. (5-star review from h3guy) ... I liked the layout & presentation so much I bought another in-store for him (4-star review from Anonymous)
See for yourself with a sample chapter.