Philosophy of Blogging 101

Welcome to Traffic Circle 2.0

I’m a technology author, trainer and troubleshooter by trade, but bits and bytes aren’t the only topics I’m interested in. Expect to find meditations on the interweaving of politics, culture, religion and technology at this site, as well as occasional plugs for my latest book or project.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Traffic Circle 2.0

  1. Are you working on an “Absolute Beginners Guide to Blogging”? I haven’t been able to find a book that gives a step by step “how to” on blogs. Any suggests?


  2. Thanks for asking. I’m not working on a blogging book, but a quick Google search reveals some possibilities:
    PDF guide
    Tutorial aimed at MovableType (MT) users.
    Debbie Weil’s websites: Debbie is a business blogging expert

    These links should be useful. Let me know what happens! – Mark


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