Blogging with Windows Live Writer

Microsoft has just introduced a public beta of Windows Live Suite, a set of communications and social networking tools and web services. I’m using the Windows Live Writer component to write this blog entry.

It’s easy to 216_Saluki add pictures (you can edit your photos with the new Windows Live Photo Gallery),add a table (this one’s in honor of an old Sci-Fi book series I enjoyed)…

My name My nation My game My destination
Michael Mars America space flying Mars

insert a map…

Map image

I can insert tags from Technorati, 43 Things, and other services, and videos too…

I’m going to like this service!

To learn more about Windows Live Suite, see my Maximum PC blog.


Book Cover

Discover the best new and improved features in Windows Vista (and a few that need work): get my new book Maximum PC Microsoft Windows Vista Exposed: an Insider’s Guide to Supercharging Windows Vista. It’s available from Amazon.com and other fine bookstores.

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