Windows Vista

Time to Take a Second Look at Windows Vista

If you’ve been waiting for a good reason to try Windows Vista, Service Pack 1 (now available in its Release Candidate version) is that reason. It provides huge improvements in reliability, performance, and features. I’ve been running it for about a month on my laptop (a two-year old single-core Turion 64) and it’s solid, reliable, and faster than before.

If you’re considering taking Windows Vista for a spin (you can grab a 30-day trial of the Enterprise edition that runs under Virtual PC 2007), check out these new articles available at

2 thoughts on “Time to Take a Second Look at Windows Vista

  1. I bought my pc just over a year ago, it came with a Vista up-drade. Later I installed it. What a disater. I just got a new lap top with XP. Shpuld I re- install Vista, then service pack1 ?


  2. Dear Jack,

    Because SP1 is still in pre-release (although the SP1 RC version’s worked very well for me), I’d suggest this instead:

    1. Reinstall Windows Vista.
    2. Run Windows Update and install every update available. This will take a while, but you will have a much more stable and better performing operating system when it’s done.
    3. Try it. If you are having problems with some programs or features in Vista, go ahead and install SP1 RC; it contains 390 additional hotfixes as well as many additional improvements. Keep in mind that you will need to uninstall SP1 RC when the final version of SP1 is released.

    – Mark Soper


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