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Put PC and Gadget Help Desk to work for you and your tech

My latest book, The PC and Gadgets Help Desk, is my most ambitious troubleshooting book yet. It shows youCover for Mark Edward Soper's The PC and Gadget Help Desk how to:

  • Back up your Windows computers and devices (tablets, all-in-ones, laptops and desktops)
  • Back up your Android and iOS smartphones and tablets
  • Connect your mobile devices and Windows devices to HDTVs and home theater systems
  • Stop attacks on your devices
  • Recover lost data…

…and much more. Check it out at, Barnes and, or directly from the publisher.

4 thoughts on “Put PC and Gadget Help Desk to work for you and your tech

  1. Thank you for writing your PC & Gadget Help Desk text.

    I’ve told three people to get their own copy.

    Where may I read more about what you call “The Troubleshooting Cycle”? I see the first step on p. 597 but the other steps are not stated. I am trying to get tech support agents to be more methodical and documented.

    John G.
    Knowledge Manager


    1. Thanks for recommending PC and Gadget Help Desk. The remainder of the process is covered in the following sections of the chapter. However, it’s not presented in a numbered list. Here are the steps in order:

      1. Record the system’s current configuration before making any changes (create a restore point, use a digital camera, printouts, etc.)
      2. Record symptoms.
      3. Determine the most likely source of the problem
      4. Choose what appears to be the most likely (and easiest) solution.
      5. Try the solution you decided on in Step 4.
      6. If the solution works, use it and go to Step 8.
      7. If the solution doesn’t work, restore the system to its previous condition and return to steps 2 and 3. In step 3, try a different possible solution.
      8. Record the changes you made so you can use them again in a similar solution.

      This is similar to the CompTIA 6-Step Troubleshooting process I have written about in other books. Thanks again for reading and recommending my book.


  2. Hi Mark

    I must say I love your new book however I’ve been unable to locate the online videos that are supposed to be associated with the book. Is it possible you could direct me to where they are?



    1. Dear Adrian,

      The online videos are available on YouTube. These were originally published on the On Gadgets & Hardware channel:
      o Upgrading Your PC’s Power Supply (
      o Installing Dual-Channel Memory (
      o Installing a Multi-I/O Bay (
      o Installing a USB Header Cable (
      o Upgrading Your Laptop’s Hard Disk (
      o Setting Up SLI Video (
      o Installing a USB 3.0 Card (
      o Installing a SATA Hard Disk (
      o Upgrading Laptop Memory (


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