About Select Systems & Associates, Inc.

[Updated September 21, 2007]

Mark Edward Soper and Christopher V. Morse founded Select Systems & Associates in 1989 as a value-added reseller with an emphasis on customized programming for line-of-business applications and customized training. Select Systems & Associates was incorporated in 1993, and shifted its focus towards hands-on technology training and technical writing for books, magazines, and other outlets.

Since the early1990s, Select Systems & Associates, Inc. has provided technical writing and editing services for book publishers such as Que Publishing and Peachpit and magazine publishers such as Sandhills and Maximum PC. It has also provided technology training for thousands of students on hardware troubleshooting, networking, and other topics through contracts with national training companies. Select Systems & Associates, Inc. is also an experienced provider of online tutorial content, having created hundreds of tutorials on hardware, system, and application software for Skywire Software.

Today, Select Systems & Associates, Inc. is an outstanding resource for companies and individuals who need expertise in Windows Vista, small office/home office networking, digital imaging, and other technical areas. Select Systems & Associates, Inc. provides book-quality technical writing for your print and online projects, entertaining and informative presentations for your employees, and unbiased advice.

Select Systems & Associates, Inc. is now located at 318 Main St, Ste 225, Evansville, IN 47708. Call 812-421-117o.

To contact Mark Soper at Select Systems & Associates, Inc.  via email, write to mark-at-markesoper.com

2 thoughts on “About Select Systems & Associates, Inc.

  1. How can I contact you regarding your upcoming book on Vista Media Center? We have a lot of interest in common and could use the book in our training programs and recommend it to our 700 dealers.


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